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In this workshop, the participants will learn how to assess the maturity of a test process with the TPI NEXT method. Following an introduction of the main concepts and ideas, including the general change process and the TPI NEXT model elements, practical hands-on exercises will follow. The participants will practice conducting interviews, evaluating checkpoints, generating a maturity matrix with the TPI NEXT tool, and designing improvement suggestions. Thereby, the speaker will share his experience of more than 10 years in TPI NEXT.
Matthias Hamburg
TMMi is a tool largely used to assess a Test Center and improve its efficiency, based on the best practices collected all over the world.
Even if most of the TMMi information is publicly available, you need to know how to use TMMi in your context.
After the workshop, you will be able to efficiently use TMMi by yourself and you will also have a first estimation of the TMMi level you would be able to reach with a formal assessment.
Eric Riou du Cosquer
Globally, organisations spend on average a third of their IT budgets on Software Testing and Quality. Much of this spend is earmarked for the procurement of testing contractors or service providers.

I spent around ten years successfully selling software quality services to clients. Then, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to work for one of my clients, and my responsibilities included testing vendor management and procurement. Having been involved in both the selling and procurement of QA services has given me a unique perspective on the commercial and contractual process of landing large-scale client engagements.

Every software Tester/QA consultant is involved in the sales process, whether you realise it or not. As a representative of a vendor organisation, you are at the forefront of project delivery in your client projects. Your professionalism and expertise may just help your vendor sell more deals. And, we are all, always involved in selling ourselves.
Johan Steyn
Micro Focus’s 2018 Application Security Risk Report clearly showed the breadth of the threats facing those working with applications in DevOps

90 per cent of applications have at least one issue outside of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10, with OWASP tracking the 10 most significant Internet security threats at any given time.

During workshop, trainer will explain how to make Application Security Seamless for Your Organization with most important 5 steps to make your Application Security transition successful.

By finding and fixing security defects during the coding process, developers can eliminate potential security vulnerabilities before they reach testing and production, saving the organization time and money, If your current DevOps process is unique and you have got a lot of nice tools then Fortify is well designed to be an integral part of the your DevOps lifecycle without creating additional burden for the stakeholders.

All day with technical and best practices workshop in English.
Frans van Buul
One Day workshop that will help you to keep pace with the market transformation. This is the perfect workshop if you want to learn how to remove the bottleneck to increase Velocity and Quality, maintaining a perfect Control in any Application Lifecycle step, thanks to Micro Focus methodology and products.
It will be a slide free meeting, very interactive, that will allow you to bring at home new ideas, best practices and experience. A proved methodology used many times by Micro Focus will allow us to build together a roadmap with concrete initiatives to speed up your ALM process.
Francesco Colavita

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